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How does Ginseng Extract perform anti-aging function?

Mar 05, 2021

The anti-aging rise gradually in the one of the important role of Ginseng Extract , which achieve its anti-aging function in four ways : By high intra organism sod, CATG92Px activity inducing SD and CAT gene expression to reduce LPO and MDA level, etc.

Increasing neurotransmitters by facilitating neurotransmission (ah content, promoting n i.e. neuronal tab mRNA expression, achieving their anti-aging with a neurostop version producing excess pin salts etc. Ginseng Extract delays aging by a moderate modulation of the immune system at the cellular and molecular levels. Ginseng glycosides can also achieve its anti-aging function by affecting cell cycle regulatory factors, expression of old genes, lengthening the length, and enhancing the activity of terminal enzymes.

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It should be noted that although ginseng has such a high edible value, it is not suitable for everyone. For example, the protein factors in ginseng can inhibit lipolysis and increase lipid deposition in blood vessel walls. Therefore, if you have coronary heart disease, hypertension, cerebrovascular sclerosis, diabetes, vasculitis, etc., you should take it with caution.

Secondly, the combination of ginseng raw materials and other foods analyzed deeply . For different raw materials, Science has researched on suitable dosage forms, so that consumers have more choices. For example: the beverage industry, for liquid beverage dosage forms, In terms of raw materials, whether it is hot-filled or cold-filled or undergoes UHT sterilization, thermally stable powder formulations or paste formulations are provided. The specifications of full water solubility, high clarity and good flavor are more suitable for the beverage industry. For those who want to add ginseng into drink.

In terms of formula, according to different people and product effects, ginseng can be compounded with super fruit juice concentrate, cordyceps militaris, collagen and other raw materials in different directions. All-match ginseng says it.

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