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Application prospects of resveratrol powder

Mar 02, 2021

Anti-aging effect

Resveratrol powder, One of the 100 most effective anti-aging substances, can scavenge free radicals in the body.

Application prospects of resveratrol powder.jpgActivating the functional factors in the body, promoting and maintaining the smooth metabolism of the body. It can be developed as a new type of beauty and health care product to delay human aging, maintain skin moisture, remove acne, chloasma, and prevent ultraviolet radiation.

Other effects

With the deepening of research on resveratrol powder. it is found that it also has fubnctions of antitussive and antiasthmatic , Protective effect on tissue and organ damage. it has anti-allergic and other medicinal value.

Application prospects of resveratrol

In summary. resveratrol powder has many biopharmacological activities beneficial to human health. Antioxidant effect is one of the important mechanisms with multiple biological , its effect is stronger than vitamin E and vitamin C. It can scavenge free radicals and can be used in cosmetics to protect the skin from aging and ultraviolet radiation. Res is a new type of phytoestrogens. It can be developed into a health food with a special health care effect on women; its anti-cancer effect and mechanism research are becoming more mature and clear, and it is another new green anti-cancer drug after paclitaxel.

In recent years. European and American countries have developed it into a health food market. There are tablet, capsule, oral liquid and other dosage forms. In the future, resveratrol will have a wider application prospect in the fields of food, medicine, health care, etc.

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