Functional Additives

Food additives refer to the improvement of the aroma, color and quality of foods, and the addition of natural and synthetic substances to foods for preservation, processing and preservation. They can increase the variety and color of foods, facilitate food handling and preservation, and satisfy different markets. Demand to maintain the nutritional value of the food itself. Functional food additives are development resources for health foods and fortified foods. Functional food additives are classified in different categories and their main functions and characteristics will vary.
According to the use, it is divided into flavors and fragrances, coloring agents, sweeteners, sour agents, fresheners, emulsifiers, thickeners, preservatives, antioxidants, and nutritional supplements.
Some natural extracts or natural products produced by fermentation are not additives. They can be eaten directly as food. However, they are different from ordinary foods and have special physiological functions. They can be added in functional foods. Healthy food.
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  • Panax Ginseng Oil

    Panax Ginseng Oil

    Type : Herbal Extract
    product name : Manufacturer Provide Best Quality Papain Enzyme Papain powder
    other name : Papain Enzyme
    Form : Powder
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  • Blue Lotus Extract

    Blue Lotus Extract

    English name: Blue lotus Extract
    Specification: 10:1 50:1 100:1
    Use Part: flower
    Appearance: Brown powder
    Test Method: TLC
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  • Potassium Iodine

    Potassium Iodine

    English name: potassium iodine
    Specification: 99%
    Use Part: flower
    Appearance: Brown powder
    Test Method:HPLC
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  • Capsaicin Powder, Chili Pepper Extract

    Capsaicin Powder, Chili Pepper Extract

    Product Name: Capsaicin Powder, Chili Pepper Extract
    CAS: 404-86-4
    Appearance: White Crystal Powder
    Active Ingredient & Specification: Capsaicin 90%, 95%
    Test Method: HPLC
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