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What are the advantages of Sugar Free Green Stevia Powder?

Jan 06, 2021

As a plant-based non-calorie sugar substitute, Sugar Free Green Stevia Powder is a perfect opportunity for consumers who are looking for a natural non-calorie sweetener alternative for their healthy lifestyle balance and weight management plan.

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1. High security. Residents in the place of origin of steviol glycosides (Paraguay, Massi, South America, etc.) have been eating them for hundreds of years, no poison has been found so far.

2. Low calorific value. It is used to make low-calorie foods and beverages, which is very suitable for patients with diabetes, obesity and arteriosclerosis.

3. Sugar Free Green Stevia Powder is easily soluble in water and alcohol, and taste better when mixed with sucrose, fructose, isomerized sugar, etc.

4. Steviol glycosides are non-fermentable substances with stable properties and not easy to mold, which will not change during the production of food and beverages, it is easy to store and transport. Long-term consumption will not cause tooth decay.

5. Steviol glycosides taste like sucrose and have unique cool and sweet characteristics. It can be used to make flavored food, candy, etc. It can also be used as a flavoring agent. Inhibit the peculiar smell and smell of certain foods and medicines, and replace sucrose in pharmaceuticals, production of syrups, granules, and pills. It can also be used in seasonings, pickles, toothpaste, cosmetics and cigarettes.

6. stability, Under normal food and beverage processing conditions, the properties of Sugar Free Green Stevia Powder are quite stable, which is conducive to reducing viscosity, inhibiting bacterial growth, and extending product shelf life.

advantages of Sugar Free Green Stevia Powder

⑴ Stability to acid, alkali and heat.

Under the condition of PH3 (room temperature), there is basically no decomposition loss and precipitation after 180 days.

Heat to 100℃ in the range of PH3-9, no change in 1 hour;

(2) Light stability. Whether it is powder or solution, it is very stable to sunlight.

(3) Non-fermentable. Long-term storage will not become moldy and the finished product will be heat-treated without the browning of sucrose.

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