Anti-malarial Herbal Extract

Anti-malarial Herbal Extract mainly includes Galantamine Extract, Celandine Extract Chelidonine, Thanaka Powder, Sweet Wormwood Extract Powder and the like.
Artemisinin is the most popular anti-malarial drug after acetaminophen, chloroquine and boquela. Especially for cerebral malaria and anti-chloroquine malaria, artemisinin has the characteristics of quick-acting and low-toxicity. Its anti-malarial mechanism is mainly due to the activation of artemisinin to produce free radicals during the treatment of malaria. The free radicals bind to the malaria protein and act on the membrane structure of the malaria parasite, causing the membrane, nuclear membrane and plasma membrane to be damaged. Upon destruction, the mitochondria swell and the inner and outer membranes fall off, thereby destroying the cell structure and function of the malaria parasite, and the chromatin in the nucleus is also affected.
Artemisinin also significantly reduces the intake of isoleucine by the malaria parasite, thereby inhibiting the synthesis of protein. The antimalarial effect of artemisinin is related to different oxygen pressures. The higher the oxygen pressure, the lower the effective concentration of artemisinin on P. falciparum cultured in vitro. Reactive oxygen can not only directly damage the malaria parasite, but also damage red blood cells, leading to the death of the malaria parasite. In addition to its good killing effect on Plasmodium, Artemisia annua L. has a certain inhibitory effect on other parasites.
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