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The Functions of Ghana seeds

Mar 17, 2021

Ghana seeds are the source of African shrubs and the compound 5-HTP. It has the effect of anxiety and reducing appetite. Garner seeds contain 5-HTP up to 20% .

Ghana seeds are shrubs used in African folk medicine. The seeds are used for aphrodisiac and antibiotic purposes, as well as for the treatment of diarrhea, vomiting and stomach pain; The leaves are used to treat wounds, and the leaf juice treats bladder and kidney diseases. Recently, the plant seems to be used to treat anxiety and depression, insomnia, migraines and headaches, and to regulate appetite, leading to weight loss in obese patients; all these effects are considered to be manifestations of the 5-HTP contained, and many supplements are now standardized.

Ghana Seed

The traditional use from Ghana seeds is mainly for neurological purposes ,it is closely related to the known effects of 5-HTP.

Give rats a dose of 1-25 mg/kg Garner Seed (20% 5-HTP) 1 hour before the light-dark box test

Note that 10 and 25 mg/kg can increase the duration of the light segment (indicating anxiolytics), while doses of 5-25 mg/kg appear to be anxiolytic in the open field test.The time spent in the light/darkness of 10-25 mg/kg garner seeds is similar to the active control of 2 mg/kg diazepam.

An extract of Ghana seeds (10.24mg, producing 2.56mg 5-HTP), mixed with Centella asiatica and dandelion, five times a day (40mg 5-HTP total), 20 overweight or obese women (non-depressive and No eating disorder) for 4 weeks, Notice the increase in satiety and the decrease in overeating; When weight loss recommendations and diet were given, the weight loss effect of the experimental group was improved. It has been noted in other studies that in similar female populations, this spray can increase satiety within 2 months.

A limited human weight loss study using Ghana seed extract. Both studies used oral sprays. But confused with various herbs (in this case it is difficult to put causality on Ghana seed extract). However, rodent studies using only Ghana seed extract also noticed that 25mg/kg 20% 5-HTP (equivalent to a human dose of 4 mg/kg Ghana seed extract) did reduce appetite.

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