Essential Oil

Essential oils are volatile aromatic substances extracted from the flowers, leaves, stems, roots or fruits of plants by steam distillation, extrusion, cold soaking or solvent extraction. Essential oils are diluted and undiluted. Essential oils are highly volatile and will evaporate quickly when exposed to air. For this reason, essential oils must be stored in a sealable bottle. Once opened, the lid should be returned as soon as possible.
Essential oils can prevent infectious diseases, fight bacteria, viruses, molds, prevent inflammation, prevent phlegm, promote cell metabolism and cell regeneration, and make life better. And some essential oils can regulate endocrine organs, promote hormone secretion, and make physical and psychological activities of the body, and obtain good development.
The more well-known effect of Phyto-Physician Essential Oil is nothing more than the more psychological effect of soothing and uplifting spirit, but the efficacy of essential oils is not limited to this. Different types of essential oils also have various effects, and for some diseases, they also have the function of soothing and alleviating symptoms. Essential oils are very helpful for many diseases, and with the treatment of drugs, the disease can be recovered more quickly. And it can be used in daily life to purify the air, disinfect and sterilize, and prevent some infectious diseases.
Essential oils for endocrine, metabolism, urinary system, sexually transmitted diseases, immune system, gynecological diseases, muscle, bone diseases, skin diseases, physical symptoms and diseases, nervous and mental diseases, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, dental diseases, respiratory system The diseases, the diseases of the blood circulation system, and the diseases of the digestive system have very good effects.
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