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Nervonic Acid Powder: a 'invisible yellow hand ring' in Alzheimer's patients

Mar 29, 2021

Itay, chief expert of the Israeli Alzheimer's Association, at the 2014 academic exploratory meeting on new advances in Alzheimer'sDr. shafat points out that Nervonic Acid Powder is one of the important phospholipids that can directly act on the brain's cell membrane and effectively improve brain cognition in the long term, enhancing the efficiency of neurotransmitters that transmit signals of brain cognitive function, improving memory and cognitive impairment in the elderly ,which can prevent Alzheimer's disease - known as Alzheimer's patients' invisible yellow hand ring!

◆Neural acid supplementation, delays brain aging

Nervonic Acid Powder is a core natural constituent of brain nerve fibers and nerve cells. It can induce nerve fibers to grow and divide themselves, repair blocked, twisted, condensed and broken nerve fibers, and enhance signaling among neural tissues in all brain regions, thereby slowing and reversing functional impairments in memory, sensory, motor and language in patients.

Once lacking, it is likely to cause brain disorders such as stroke sequelae, dementia, cerebral palsy, cerebral atrophy, memory loss, amnesia and amnesia.

Nervonic Acid Powder

◆Improving memory and preventing dementia in the elderly

Nervonic acid, is the world scientist's recognized " two effect magic substance " that can repair nerve fibers draining the nerve pathway of the damaged brain and promote nerve cell regeneration.

Through the daily intake of neural acid, it can enhance brain cell energy and intercellular information transmission, repair damaged central nerve fibers, promote the patency of nerve conduction pathways, enable smooth information transmission, prevent memory decline, and greatly reduce the incidence of dementia.

◆Invigorating brain, relieving brain fatigue

Nervonic Acid Powder is a typical fatty acid of white matter class, after elderly people take up nervonic acid, the white matter of the brain is promptly replenished, so that brain cell viability is improved, it will help to improve the Alzheimer's disease with senile amnesia, and promote the recovery from cerebral fatigue.

Arguably, nervonic acid is a substance that the healthy brain cannot lack, but the human body has difficulty generating it , people can only supplement it by in vitro uptake.

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