Lowering Blood Pressure Herbal Extract

Lowering Blood Pressure Herbal Extract mainly includes Enoki Mushroom Extract, Leech Extract Hirudin, Buckwheat Extract, Spirulina Powder, Puerarin Powder and the like.
Otter is rich in hirudin, and hirudin has a strong inhibitory effect on thrombin. It is the strongest natural inhibitor of thrombin found so far. Hirudin has a strong anti-coagulation effect and anti-thrombosis effect, and has broad application prospects in clinical treatment and prevention of various thrombosis.
Buckwheat is not only edible but also a valuable health care raw material. Buckwheat flavonoids are flavonoids extracted from buckwheat flowers and leaves. It can reduce the risk of high blood lipids and high blood pressure; prevent heart disease, atherosclerosis, ischemic attack, obesity. It can control blood sugar well and reduce the possibility of diabetes; it can prevent gallstones, anti-tumor and anti-leukemia, stomach, relieve constipation and inhibit colorectal cancer.
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