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Health function of resveratrol

Jan 21, 2021

Anti-tumor effect:

Resveratrol has anti-cancer activity. Studies have shown that it mainly inhibits cytochrome enzymes. it induces detoxification enzymes, inhibiting cyclooxygenase , protein kinases, and antagonizes estrogen body. to promote tumor cell differentiation and apoptosis in order to fight tumors. The three stages of initial, promotion and development On tumor have inhibitory effects and can be used as natural chemical defense cancer agent. It is reported that resveratrol has anti-inflammatory effects on nasopharyngeal cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, thyroid cancer, leukemia, etc. Res has selective killing power on cancer cells and chemopreventive effect on cancer. It is a very promising new anti-cancer drug, which can be used not only for cancer treatment, but also for cancer prevention.


Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease:

The phenomenon of "French Paradox" has made people realize that resveratrol has a special protective effect on the cardiovascular system. The French have a high smoking rate and high intake of animal fat. But the death rate due to cardiovascular disease is particularly low (French Paradox). The important reason is that the French drink more red wine, which contains Res. Res has a certain effect on lipid metabolism and platelet aggregation, thereby preventing the formation of atherosclerosis and thrombosis, and exerting the effect of preventing and treating cardiovascular diseases.

resveratrol function

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