Anti-diabetes Herbal Extract

Anti-diabetes Herbal Extract mainly includes Shilajit Powder, Chromium Picolinate, Banaba Leaf Extract Corosolic Acid, Banaba Leaf Extract Corosolic Acid and the like.
Chromium Picolinate is an important component of glucose tolerance factor (GTF). It can increase insulin activity, participate in protein synthesis and metabolism of nucleic acids and fats, and reduce body fat content. Chromium also strengthens the immune system and increases the body's resistance to adverse conditions and stress conditions.
Corosolic acid can exist freely in plants or in the form of saponins. In plants, it often coexists with its isomer, behenic acid (2α-hydroxyoleanolic acid), with similar structural and chemical properties, and separation is difficult.
Currently, the natural product has been marketed as a nutritional supplement in the United States, and a phase III clinical trial for the treatment of diabetes has recently passed the FDA certification. Compared with the injection of insulin, the effect of the treatment for diabetes has the advantages of significant oral effect, small toxic and side effects, convenient use, and the like, and the effect is comparable to that of insulin injection.
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  • Arrowshaped Tinospora Root Extract

    Arrowshaped Tinospora Root Extract

    Arrowshaped Tinospora Root Extract has activities such as prevention of diabetes, antipyretic and analgesic, anti-oxidation and immune regulation, and is widely used to treat various diseases including jaundice, skin...
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  • Persimmon Leaf Powder

    Persimmon Leaf Powder

    Persimmon leaf powder has high nutritional value and are rich in trace elements such as carotene, riboflavin and vitamins. The vitamins and sugars contained are about 1-2 times higher than the average fruit. If a...
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  • Prunella Vulgaris L Powder

    Prunella Vulgaris L Powder

    Prunella Vulgaris L Powder has the effect of moistening the stomach and strengthening the spleen. It also has the effects of moistening the stomach, clearing the liver and reducing the fire, strengthening the spleen...
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  • Common Selfheal Fruit-spike Powder

    Common Selfheal Fruit-spike Powder

    Prunella Vulgaris Extract 10:1 Ratio Extract Traditional Herbal Medicine Common Selfheal Fruit-spike Extract Bitterness and pungent in flavour, coldness in nature, it acts liver and gallbladder channels. Its bitter...
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  • Diospyros Kaki L.f. Extract Powder

    Diospyros Kaki L.f. Extract Powder

    The diospyros kaki l.f. extract powder is a dried leaf extract of Diospyros kaki L.f., which contains flavonoids, anthraquinones, naphthoquinone naphthols, coumarins, sterols, organic acids, fatty acids, and...
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  • Tinospora Cordifolia Powder

    Tinospora Cordifolia Powder

    Tinospora cordifolia powder is used for diabetes, high cholesterol, allergic rhinitis (hay fever), stomach upset, gout, lymphoma and other cancers, rheumatoid arthritis (RA), hepatitis, peptic ulcer disease (PUD),...
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  • Shilajit Powder

    Shilajit Powder

    Product Name:shilajit powder Specification: 5%,10%,50%,55% Active ingredient:Fluvic acid
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  • Chromium Picolinate

    Chromium Picolinate

    1.Product Name:Chromium Picolinate 2.Grade:Food grade 3 Function :bodybuilding 4 Quality :100% nature 5 Product group: Pharmaceutical 6 Purity > 99%
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  • Banaba Leaf Extract Corosolic Acid

    Banaba Leaf Extract Corosolic Acid

    Product Name: Loquat Leaf Extract /P.E.
    Latin Name: Eriobotrya japonica(Thunb.)Lind
    Appearance:Light Yellow to White fine powder
    CAS: 4547-24-4
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  • Mulberry Leaf Extract 1-Deoxynojirimycin

    Mulberry Leaf Extract 1-Deoxynojirimycin

    Product Name: Mulberry Leaf P.E. Latin Name: Folium Mori, Ramulus Mori Botanical Source: Morus alba L. (Fam. Moraceae). Specification: 5: 1, 10: 1, 0.5% Active ingredient: DNJ (1-Deoxynojirimycin hydrochloride)
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  • Saw Palmetto Extract 25%~45%

    Saw Palmetto Extract 25%~45%

    Specifications: 25%~45%
    Product Type: White powder
    Part of Plant Used: Fruit
    Extract Method: Ethanol & Water
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  • Tinospora Cordifolia Extract Powder Chittamruthu for Diabetes Deart-Leaved Moonseed Extract

    Tinospora Cordifolia Extract Powder Chittamruthu for Diabetes Deart-Leaved Moonseed Extract

    Name:Tinospora cordifolia extract
    Botanical source:Tinospora cordifolia
    Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
    Storage:Cool and Dry
    Test Method:TLC
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