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Ginseng Extract Ginsenoside Rb1 can improve knee osteoarthritis

Apr 15, 2021

For knee osteoarthritis, we should focus on early prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. however, it is not yet possible to completely prevent the occurrence of osteoarthritis, but studies have shown that traditional Chinese medicine can relieve pain, delay the knee osteoarthritis, and improve joint function through a variety of ways. The "Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Traditional Chinese Medicine for Knee Osteoarthritis (2020 Edition)" also pointed out that traditional Chinese medicine has played an important role in the clinical treatment of KOA.

Many studies have also found that ginseng, ginseng monomers and ginseng compound drugs that "Prolong Life, reduce body weight, and nourish vitality" play an important role in the prevention and treatment of KOA.

ginsenoside Rg1 on adult chondrocytes and knee osteoarthritis

The effect on adult chondrocytes and knee osteoarthritis:

A study is to evaluate the effect of ginsenoside Rg1 on adult chondrocytes and knee osteoarthritis. Thirty patients with knee osteoarthritis were enrolled, they were randomly divided into the Rg1 experimental group, the Shenmai injection control group, and the blank control group. All selected patients were treated with basic and joint cavity injection. The blank group was injected with physiological saline injection, the Rg1 group was injected with 150μg/ml ginsenoside Rg1 physiological saline solution, and the Shenmai group was Shenmai injection (ginseng compound drug). the experiment lasts for 5 weeks

Through patient self-assessment, doctor assessment, visual assessment of patient pain VAS, and osteoarthritis index assessment, it is found that ginsenoside Rg1 can improve the joint function of patients and their quality of life, It improves the occurrence and development of knee osteoarthritis, the curative effect is accurate and safe.

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