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Experimental study on anti-inflammatory effects of Turmeric Extract Powder

Mar 12, 2021

When it comes to fashionable herbs, turmeric is undoubtedly the most popular. It is famous for its high anti-inflammatory properties. With the in-depth research on turmeric and its constituent curcumin, not only has expanded its popularity among consumers, but many turmeric products have also emerged in the market. It is generally believed that turmeric is beneficial to cardiovascular health, brain, joint and liver health, especially the BCM-95 patented turmeric extract Powder has more prominent anti-inflammatory effects.

A study published in the Journal of Scientific Reports indicated that the patented turmeric extract Powder BCM-95 curcumin is more effective than standard curcumin in reducing the activity and inflammation of colitis. Researchers at Baylor University in the United States conducted animal experiments. All mice were divided into groups and received standard curcumin or BCM-95 at doses of 5mg, 25mg or 50mg/kg for more than 1 week. After that, mice in the standard curcumin or BCM-95 group continued to take dextran sodium sulfate (DSS) for about 1 week to induce the appearance of colitis. Finally, the disease activity index (ADI) is used to assess the severity of daily diseases by analyzing the length of the mouse’s colon, weight, stool hardness, visible blood in the stool, and inflammation markers.


The results of the study showed that the BCM-95 group could alleviate the daily DAI of the disease (P<0.001). With the increase in the intake dose (25mg and 50mg/kg), the degree of remission of the disease also improved (day 5 and day 5). Seven days). The colon length of the mice in the BCM-95 group slowed down, while the mice in the standard curcumin group did not show any changes. In addition, BCM-95 can also significantly increase inflammation genes and up-regulate the activity of anti-inflammatory markers such as IL-10 and IL-11. However, the inflammation markers of mice in the standard curcumin group did not significantly improve.

With the continuous deepening of research on curcumin, the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of turmeric also reflect the field of microorganisms. A double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical study investigated the effects of curcumin on the human gut microbiota for two months. The results show that curcumin can multiply the number of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal flora, has a'prebiotic' effect, and helps the host adapt to the growth of beneficial microflora.


In the nootropic product market, the proportion of Turmeric Extract Powder is also rising, and studies have confirmed that there is a correlation between decline in cognitive health and inflammation. Curcumin, as the main active compound found in turmeric, can improve the blood-brain barrier level to a certain extent and reduce the inflammation that affects the health of the body.

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