• Aloin, a kind of Anthraquinone compound, fine yellow powder and extracted from Aloe barbadensis Miller, is widely used in medicine, cosmetics, health care products and other fields.

  • Peony Flower
    Peony Flower

    Peony is a very common flower, not only very beautiful and medicinal value is very high. Peony flowers are generally used for Chinese herbal medicine, has a high medicinal value.

  • Almond powder from the almond grinding processing, is a kind of apricot products. Almond powder can be directly brewed to drink, on human

  • Shea fruit helps to increase the serum and eye macula in the content of lutein, play eye health and cognitive health, the main reason is

  • There are several plant extracts with high immunity The immunity play a important role in people'shealth,whenwehas Immunodeficiency, we

  • With the improvement of living standards, people's health needs are reflected in all aspects of life, food and beverage is no longer


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Xi'an Prius Biological Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • Health care raw material

    Health care raw material

  • Cosmetic raw material

    Cosmetic raw material

  • Food addtives

    Food addtives

Xi 'an Prius Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. is located in Xi 'an Chanba Ecological District Eurasia International, is a high-tech enterprise committed to the research and development, production and sales of natural plant and animal extracts, pharmaceutical intermediates.The company has its own independent R & D team.With stable raw material base, strong technical force, advanced production equipment and professional elite team, the company provides the best quality natural raw materials and artificial services for domestic and foreign manufacturers.The company has perfect laboratory facilities and advanced testing equipment, and the use of a complete variety of natural animal and plant extraction, separation, synthesis, fermentation and other production equipment and strict quality control system, to ensure the stability and safety of product quality.
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Our company's main products: NMN, Rhodiola rosea extract salidroside, rhodiola rosea extract total osevide, Epimedium extract, resveratrol, Scutellaria solanum extract, frankincense extract, Radix Scutellariae extract, sea-buckthorn freezed-dried powder

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Located in Xi'an, Shannxi Province, more than 2,000 tons of a wide range of herbal extracts and natural active substances are extracted and manufactured from the factory annually.
Prius operate a new state of production facility in strict compliance with the cGMP requirements in addition to using advanced optimized production technology. We provide customized product service to produce superior quality products according to requirements from our partners.
PRIUS offer professional technology, customized service, towards innovative products.

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Our company is a young team composed of the post-90s generation. The working atmosphere is relaxed and harmonious, and the colleagues are united and friendly. We are looking forward to your cooperation with us and realizing our dreams together!You are the future partner of our company.