Natural Colorant

Natural pigments are food colors obtained from natural sources. Pigments mainly extracted from animal and plant tissues and microorganisms (culture), of which plant colorants are dominant. Natural pigments not only have the effect of coloring foods, but also a considerable portion of natural pigments have physiological activity.
Natural pigments are generally derived from natural ingredients such as beet red, grapes and peppers. These foods have been recognized and accepted by consumers. Therefore, natural pigments derived from these food sources are more popular with consumers and are used more. Safer. Most are derived from plant pigments.
Most plant pigments have no side effects and are highly safe. Most of the plant pigments are anthocyanins, carotenes, and flavonoids. They are a class of biologically active substances and are functional active ingredients in botanicals and health foods. In view of the fact that plant pigments are used as additives for coloring in foods, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics, the amount of therapeutic use does not reach the dose-effective ratio of medical and health care products. In the application of health foods, this kind of plant pigment can play an auxiliary role in enhancing human immune function, anti-oxidation and lowering blood lipids; in common foods, some can play the auxiliary role of nutrition strengthening and anti-oxidation.
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  • Fucoxanthin Powder

    Fucoxanthin Powder

    1) Cas No.:3351-86-8
    2) Molecular Formula: C42H58O6
    3) Specification: 10%,50%
    4) Grade: Pharmaceutical Grade
    5) Application: Used in the field of health care products
    6) Certificate: KOSHER,...
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  • Paprika Extract Capsanthin

    Paprika Extract Capsanthin

    Product:Paprika Oleoresin(Capsanthin)
    CAS: 465-42-9
    Molecular Formula:C40H56O3
    Molecular Weight:584.87
    Appearance:orange red powder
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  • Annatto Extract Powder

    Annatto Extract Powder

    Product name:annatto extract powder
    Latin Name:Bixa orellana
    Part Used:Seed
    Extract Method:Grain Alcohol/Water
    Detection Method:TLC
    Specification:10:1, 20:1
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  • Beta-Carotene Powder

    Beta-Carotene Powder

    Cas No. :7235-40-7
    Molecular Formula:C40H56
    Specification: 1%,5%,10%,20%
    Grade : Food grade
    Certificate: KOSHER, HALAL, ISO;
    Delivery Time: Around 3 working...
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  • Butterfly Pea Flower Powder

    Butterfly Pea Flower Powder

    1) Latin name: Clitoria ternatea L.
    2) Extraction source: Flower buds of the genus Leguminosae
    3) Production process: use butterfly pea flower buds as raw materials, spray dried into powder, and...
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  • Lovastatin Powder, Red Yeast Rice Extract

    Lovastatin Powder, Red Yeast Rice Extract

    - Product Name: Lovastatin Powder, Red Yeast Rice Extract
    - CAS: 75330-75-5
    - Appearance: Red Powder
    - Active Ingredient & Specification: Lovastatin 0.2%, 0.4%, 1%, 2%, 3%
    - Test Method:...
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  • Astaxanthin Oil, Haematococcus Pluvialis Extract

    Astaxanthin Oil, Haematococcus Pluvialis Extract

    - Product Name: Astaxanthin Oil, Haematococcus Pluvialis Extract
    - CAS: 472-61-7
    - Appearance: Dark Red Oil
    - Active Ingredient & Specification: Astaxanthin 1%~20%
    - Test Method: HPLC...
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  • Zeaxanthin Powder

    Zeaxanthin Powder

    1. Product Name: Natural Zeaxanthin Powder
    2. Appearance: Orange Powder
    3. CAS: 144-68-3
    4. Specification: 5%, 10%, 20%
    5. Herb Source: Marigold Flower
    6. Use Part: Flowers...
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  • Natural Zeaxanthin Powder

    Natural Zeaxanthin Powder

    Product Name: Natural Zeaxanthin Powder
    Appearance: Orange Powder
    CAS: 144-68-3
    Specification: 5%-90%
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  • Lycopene Oil Resin

    Lycopene Oil Resin

    - Product Name: LYCOPENE OIL Resin
    - CAS.: 502-65-8
    - Appearance: Red Oil
    - Active Ingredient & Specification: Lycopene 5%,6%,10%,20%
    - Test Method: HPLC
    - Grade: Food &...
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  • Natural Astaxanthin Powder

    Natural Astaxanthin Powder

    - Product Name: Natural Astaxanthin Powder
    - CAS: 472-61-7
    - Appearance: Dark Red Powder
    - Active Ingredient & Specification: Astaxanthin 3.5% 5%
    - Test Method: HPLC
    - Grade: Health...
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  • Marigold Extract Lutein

    Marigold Extract Lutein

    - Product name: Lutein Powder, Marigold Extract
    - CAS NO.: 127-40-2
    - Appearance: Orange Fine Powder
    - Active Ingredient & Specification: Lutein 5%-90%
    - Test Method: HPLC - Grade:...
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