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What are the benefits of turmeric?

Feb 01, 2021

Turmeric, you may hear the name and think it's ginger for cooking, but it's not. It is ginger plants, is a very good Chinese herbal medicine, which is a very natural health care products. it is mild in nature,it contains many beneficial nutrients to the human body, which has unique efficacy and benefits.

◆Relieves pain:

Studies have shown that curculin has pain-relieving effects, which are synth-like with drugs such as ibuprofen. It has good effect in treating rib pain, rheumatoid arthritis pain, shoulder inflammation and so on. In addition, In addition, it also has a certain relief effect on soreness or traumatic pain after exercise.


◆Antibacterial anti-inflammatory:

Curcubin in turmeric inhibits the growth of bacteria such as staphylococcus and streptococcus. it can improve the body's ability to eliminate bacteria and hinder the appearance of bacterial biofilms. At the same time curculin has good anti-inflammatory activity, which helps prevent and resist many chronic inflammations. Curcubin's metabolites play a special role in fighting inflammation.

◆Protect Gallbladder:

Curcubin and volatile oil are good for bile and promote bile secretion. Turmeric extract can cause gallbladder contraction, beneficial gallbladder effect, it can be effectively used in the treatment of gallbladder stones or gallbladder inflammation. Eating it can improve the metabolism of liver and bile and prevent bile disease.

turmeric benefit

◆Reduce blood lipids and protect the cardiovascular system:

Turmeric is a good medicine for patients with high blood lipids. Because it is rich in nutrients, curculin plays a lower role in total plasma cholesterol and triglycerides.

At the same time, volatile oil and its alcohol can purify the blood, inhibit plateplate aggregation, which make blood vessels more permeable, protect the cardiovascular. Curcubin also prevents arteriosclerosis and blood clots, it is beneficial for the treatment of diseases such as coronary heart disease or myocardial infarction.

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