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Bilberry extract enhances vision

Apr 29, 2021

Ripe bilberry fruits are rich in brassic pigments and anthocyanins used as antioxidants. Healthy people or visually impaired patients can take bilberry extract alone or take β-carotene and vitamin E at the same time, which can significantly improve night vision, respond quickly to darkness, and restore visual acuity faster after the eyes are exposed to bright light.

Because the rhodopsin contained in the bilberry is the basic substance for the eyes to produce vision, and the flavonoids can well improve the microvascular circulation of the eyes. Bilberry is also known as the "pilot's breakfast." It is said that during World War II, the British and French Air Force designated the jam made from European bilberry as a special food to improve the accuracy of bombing. It is enough to prove the effect of bilberry in improving eyesight.

Both bilberry and blueberry have beneficial effects on the eyes, but in terms of effect, bilberry is better for the eyes. Bilberry is mostly used as a raw material for health food, and the price is higher than that of blueberry.

Bilberry extract

Customs data from January to September 2018

The total export volume of bilberry extracts from my country is 33.1 million U.S. dollars, and the total quantity is 126 tons.

The top five export markets accounted for 80% of total exports. The top five markets are: Japan, with an export value of 10.73 million U.S. dollars; South Korea, with an export value of 8.13 million U.S. dollars; the United States, with an export value of 3.62 million U.S. dollars; and Hong Kong, with an export value of 10.73 million U.S. dollars. 2.45 million US dollars; France, the export value was 1.67 million US dollars.

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