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What is Ginsenoside, Ginseng Extract?

Jan 29, 2019

Ginsenoside is a steroidal compound, triterpenoid saponins. Ginsenoside is mainly found in ginseng, which is regarded as the active ingredient in ginseng, so it becomes the research subject. Because ginsenosides affect multiple metabolic pathways, their effects are very complex. Ginsenosides is also difficult to isolate the monomer components of various ginsenosides.


With the discovery of ginsenoside in the treatment of cancer, more and more medical researchers have conducted in-depth research on ginsenoside. It was found that there were more than 30 ginsenosides in ginseng, such as ginsenoside rg3, ginsenoside rh2, ginsenoside rh1, etc. Ginsenosides have bidirectional regulating effects, which vary with different receptors. For example, ginsenoside for the treatment of cancer mainly refers to the anti-tumor effect of ginsenoside rg3.

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