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What Can Glabridin Do for Our Body

Jan 23, 2019

When we see the name “glabridin”, we may think it is a herbal medicine. We don’t know much about “Glabridin”, which is also named as Licorice flavonoids. In fact, it is a flavonoid extract from licorice. Because of its particularity and the difficulty of extraction, the price of glabridin is also relatively high, so glabridin also has the title of “whitening gold”.

glabridin Powder

So what can Glabridin do for our body? 

- Inhibiting Tyrosinase

We know that skin exposure to ultraviolet light causes some reactions (such as inflammation), and because the phospholipid membrane of skin tissue is destroyed by the reactive oxygen species induced by ultraviolet light, this histological change is manifested as erythema and pigmentation. Reactive oxygen species are substances that can cause skin pigmentation, so glabridin inhibiting Reactive oxygen production can inhibit melanin production.


The anti-inflammatory activity of glycyrrhizin was verified through experiments. Pigmentation was caused by ultraviolet irradiation in guinea pigs, and then on which 0.5% glycyrrhizin solution was applied. It was found that glabridin reduced skin inflammation caused by ultraviolet stimulation.


Glabridin is an antioxidant, which has the effect of whitening (inhibiting the formation of melanin) and anti-inflammatory. Licorice has been reported to reduce the incidence of infectious skin diseases of corticosteroids, which can strengthen steroids.

Glabridin has excellent anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-melanin forming effects, so it has been used into a variety of cosmetics and medical care products ingredients(such as cream, lotion, shower gel, etc.) .

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