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What is Marigold Flower extract lutein good for?

Aug 05, 2019

Marigold flower extract lutein is an important ingredient in marigold flower. Marigold flower is also known as scented hibiscus, longevity lamp, honeycomb chrysanthemum, stinky chrysanthemum. It is an annual herb of the genus Marigold, which has an erect stem. It has a longitudinal thin strip, and the branches are flattened upward. Flowering from July to September.

Marigold flower

Marigold is very beautiful, but one thing that people don't like is that it is a strange smell on the body, not a floral, but a bit stinky taste, so it is called stinky hibiscus.

Marigold is from Mexico and it is suitable to a warm, humid and sunny environment. The marigold grows at a suitable temperature of 15-20 ° C, the winter temperature is not lower than 5 ° C, and the summer temperature is above 30 ° C. The plants are long, the stems and leaves are loose, and the flowering is less. It is wet and drought-tolerant, especially in summer, the water is too much, and the stems and leaves grow vigorously, which affects plant shape and flowering. Hi light, plenty of sunshine is very beneficial to the growth of marigold, the plants are short and strong, and the colors are gorgeous. The sun is not enough, the stems and leaves are soft and slender, and the flowering is small and small. The soil requirements are not strict, and it is better to use fertile and well-drained sandy loam.


It contains an important ingredient, lutein. Lutein is an important carotenoid, a yellow, fat-soluble pigment. It plays a vital role in the normal function of the retina. In addition, this compound is an antioxidant that protects the skin from UV radiation and prevents oxidative stress, anti-inflammatory and protective effects in diabetes.

Do you know what the effect of marigold flower lutein?

Lutein is a natural pigment, also known as carotenoids and nucleus, which are mainly found in some green plants and vegetables, such as broccoli, spinach, lettuce and other foods. Its main function is to protect the eyes and improve vision.

Six effects of lutein for the eyes

Protecting the retina and ensuring clear vision Lutein is a good antioxidant that prevents the retina from oxidizing when it absorbs light; it also protects the tiny blood vessels of the eye and maintains good blood circulation.

1. Protect the retina and ensure clear vision

Lutein is a good antioxidant that prevents the retina from oxidizing when it absorbs light; it also protects the tiny blood vessels of the eye and maintains good blood circulation.

2. improve vision

Lutein is a very strong antioxidant that helps to filter out blue light, reduce chromatic aberration, and make vision more accurate.

3. Prevention of glaucoma

Lutein can reduce the oxidative strength of ocular globulin, and the higher the intake, the lower the incidence of glaucoma.

4. delay the occurrence of cataracts

Lutein is the only carotenoid with crystals that can enhance the antioxidant capacity of crystals, resist the damage of sunlight and free radicals, and delay or prevent the occurrence of cataracts.

5. prevention of high myopia sequelae

High myopia is prone to retinal detachment, stagnant water, floating mosquitoes, etc., and even lead to permanent blindness. Supplementing enough lutein can make the eyes have enough nutrients to reduce the incidence of lesions.

6. reduce macular degeneration, lesions

Macular degeneration is the main cause of blindness in the elderly. Tests have shown that lutein can help improve vision in elderly patients with degenerative macular disease.

Marigold flower extract

Other effects of lutein

1. anti-oxidation

Lutein can inhibit the activity of reactive oxygen species and prevent the destruction of normal cells by reactive oxygen species. Secondly, lutein can protect the body from damage through physical or chemical action and enhance the body's immunity.

2. anti-cancer effect

Lutein inhibits a variety of cancers, such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, rectal cancer, and skin cancer. Ingestion of lutein in the diet can not only inhibit cancer but also prevent tumorigenesis. 

Lutein has the function of protecting eyesight and relieving eye fatigue. When the body lacks lutein, it will cause macular degeneration, which will lead to blurred vision. Timely supplementation of leaf yellow can quickly relieve eye fatigue and improve Dry eyes, eye pain, photophobia and so on.

When the human eye is exposed to ultraviolet light or blue light, it will produce a lot of free radicals, causing diseases such as cataracts and macular degeneration in the eyes. Lutein can protect the eyes against some light glare and increase the resistance of the eyes. Oxidizing, reducing UV and blue light damage to the eyes.

In addition to its protective effect on the eyes, edible lutein also enhances immunity, removes free radicals from the body, reduces damage to cells by free radicals, enhances cell activity and function, and enhances constitution.

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