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What are the benifits of aloe vera extract for skin?

Aug 12, 2019

Aloe vera extract for skin is benifit to face. Aloe Vera Extract is a natural plant extract that can be extracted from the leaves and leaf juice of Liliaceae. There are more than 180 species of Aloe, and its varieties and gradient varieties are said to reach 100 species. Aloe extract was prepared by removing iron from dry liquid juice obtained from aloe leaves and Kidachi aloe leaves. Aloe vera contains about 200 active ingredients. It is believed that many nutrients are stored in the leaves, so they survive even in the harsh environment of the desert from which they originated.

aloe vera

Aloe vera extract is an efficient ingredient for the recovery and regeneration of skin tissue. It has long been used as a material for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics to impart firmness and shine to the skin. Aloe vera is called a panacea because of its various effects. The mesophyll has anti-inflammatory and sedative effects, so it is said that if the mesophyll is applied directly to the wound, such as abrasion, the wound heals.

How many ingredients in aloe extract?

Aloe extract contains aloe vera, aloe-emodin, polysaccharide, tannin, steroid, organic acid, amino acid, glucuronic acid, etc. It has moisturizing effect, anti-inflammatory effect, whitening effect and so on. And it has a convergence effect.

aloe vera extract

What is aloe vera extract for skin?

◆ Whitening effect

As an effective effect on the skin, the aloe extract has an effect of treating skin damage and inhibiting melanin production.

The aloe extract contained in the aloe extract has the same whitening effect as vitamin C, and is said to inhibit the action of melanin-producing tyrosinase. In addition to preventing stains and freckles, it also promotes cell regeneration and expels melanin from the skin, so it can also be expected to remove stains and freckles that have already been made.

◆ Burn treatment

The translucent mesophyll portion of the aloe leaf has the function of relieving pain caused by minor burns such as sunburn and promoting wound healing. Salicylic acid and belectin contained in aloe extract inhibit skin inflammation. In addition, vitamin C and polysaccharides activate skin cells, and immune-regulating ingredients can repair and regenerate skin. In this way, the various ingredients work together to reduce inflammation and restore normal skin conditions.

◆ Improve  acne

The latest research report reports that aloe vera extract can effectively improve acne because of its excellent skin conditioning and antibacterial properties. At the Acne Institute in California, after 18 treatments for patients with severe acne, an experiment was conducted in which the skin of those subjects had been regenerated and completely cured in a short period of time. In addition, aloe leaf extract has the function of repairing the skin.

◆ Beautiful skin effect

Aloe leaf extract has various functions to regulate skin tone. One of them is to arrange a cycle of skin regeneration. The skin is divided into three types of epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous fat tissue from the surface closest to the surface. The regeneration of cells in this epidermis is called turnover. If the moisture retention capacity in the skin is lowered due to ultraviolet rays or aging, the old keratin in the epidermis will harden and will not peel off. Aloe vera leaf extract has the function of regulating the amount of nutrients and bringing them closer to the ideal cycle.

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