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Ingredients and Efficacy of Inulin Powder

Dec 29, 2018

Inulin connected by D - fructose by beta (1 - > 2) is a kind of fructan, each inulin often took a glucose molecules end, degree of polymerization is usually 2 ~ 60, the average degree of polymerization is 10. In recent years, the development and utilization of inulin attaches great importance by the international food industry, and successfully applied in the baked food, candy, dairy products, beverage and sauces, and other areas of the food. ORAFTI of Belgium and SENSUS of the Netherlands have industrialized inulin production and successfully developed inulin series functional food base materials.

Chicory root extract

Inulin is a soluble dietary fiber that resists the hydrolysis of digestive enzymes in the human body. It is not digested at all in the small intestine and partially fermented in the colon.


Studies have shown that inulin can effectively reduce serum TC and ldl-c levels, but there is still a lack of unified experimental results on the effect of inulin on serum TG and hdl-c levels. Recent studies have found that short-chain fatty acids produced by inulin fermentation by bifidobacteria, especially the acetate/benzoate ratio, can affect blood lipid levels. The acetate is a prerequisite for cholesterol, while the benzoate is an inhibitor for the synthesis of hepatocholesterol.

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