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What You Know about Seabuckthorn Oil?

Jan 10, 2019

Seabuckthorn oil is a precious natural oil extracted from the fruits of natural plant seabuckthorn. In addition to containing unsaturated fatty acids, seabuckthorn oil also contains more than 100 kinds of bioactive substances such as flavonoids, vitamins, phytosterols, trace elements and tocopherol, which has a very high value of food therapy and health care.


Sea-buckthorn oil is a natural oil component extracted from sea-buckthorn fruits and seeds by supercritical extraction technology. Sea buckthorn oil can not only meet the needs of the human body for nutrients, but also can improve the skin condition to achieve the purpose of beauty.

Functions of Seabuckthorn Oil:

1. Strengthen Immunity

Total flavonoids and other bioactive components of seabuckthorn oil can adjust thyroid function to make thyroid function hyperfunction returns normal.

2. Protect Skin

The tocopherol in sea-buckthorn oil has a protective effect on the skin, protecting the unsaturated fatty acids in the cell membrane from being oxidized under the conditions of light, heat and radiation, so as to prevent metamorphosis, wrinkling and lipofuscin accumulation and improve the microcirculation.

3. Repair Skin

Sea-buckthorn oil can be used to fight bacteria, reduce inflammation, remove swelling, fade acne marks, repair damaged skin and promote tissue regeneration. It can also heal burns, ulcers and other traumatic injuries rarely leave scars.

4. Brighten Skin

Rich in VC Seabuckthorn oil can reduce skin melanin precipitation, clean and white skin.

Sea-buckthorn oil can also promote blood circulation, improve metabolism and keep skin smooth and delicate.

5. Anti-aging

In sea-buckthorn oil, VE, VC and SOD have antioxidant properties, can remove free radicals on the cell membrane, adjust the skin elastic fiber and increase the skin elasticity.

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