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The papaya extract benefits for skin.

Aug 09, 2019

Papaya, its Latin literary name: Chaenomeles sinensis. Also known as wood pear, light papaya. Papaya is a disease-resistant health care fruit. It is also known as marigold. It is one of the fruits that people like. Papaya extract is extracted from papaya fruit, which is native to Central America. Papaya has a wide range of applications, and the industry, catering and beauty industries have played a big role. Papaya contains a lot of vitamins and ingredients such as papain and others. So it has a unique whitening and skin rejuvenation, beauty care, ecchymosis to remove dirt, promote blood circulation, improve skin and so on. Papaya extract can be made into slimming tea, beauty skin care products and the like. Let's take a look for the papaya extract benefits for skin.

Papaya extract ingredient


Papaya enzyme can promote skin metabolism and help dissolve sebum and aging keratin accumulated in pores to make skin smooth and delicate. And papaya enzyme can effectively regulate acne skin, make oily skin conditioning to neutral. It has some help for removing acne.

2.Hair growth

The benefits of papaya to hair are mainly reflected in more than a dozen amino acids. Vitamins A, B, and E in papaya can inhibit the production of scalp sebum, increase blood circulation of the scalp, promote hair growth, and maintain healthy hair. Our human hair tissue is almost entirely composed of keratin, which is synthesized in the human body by nearly twenty amino acid substances. Papaya pulp contains up to 16 kinds of amino acids. Trace elements such as iron, copper, and zinc in papaya are good for hair health.

Moreover, papaya contains papain. The protein of papain just provides enough protein for the hair, and the hair has enough protein for the hair to grow. At the same time, most people with hair loss have strong oil secretion. At this time, eating papaya supplemented with papain can remove excess oil from the body, thereby reducing the adverse effects on hair and scalp, and keeping the hair follicles of growing hair maintain vitality.

3, exfoliation

The stratum corneum is an important barrier to the epidermis. As the age increases, the body's metabolic capacity slows down. Old dead cells will also accumulate, causing rough skin, no luster, and even peeling. Papain is a natural enzyme that promotes skin and cell regeneration. It helps the skin exfoliate and reveal new cells, as well as soften the skin. The acidity of the enzyme in papaya is milder than AHA and BHA, and it is not easy to irritate the skin. Papaya can also help gently remove dirt from the pores, leaving the skin moisturized and smooth.

4. Whitening

Papaya is rich in vitamins A, E and C, and papain. Moreover, we understand that melanin is a protein derivative, which forms tyrosinase, the presence of amino acids, sun exposure, oxygen and other factors. Papain can directly hydrolyze the dark brown casein in the skin to a light color. Colorless tyrosine blocks the catalysis of tyrosine, thereby reducing the formation of melanin, thereby achieving the effect of whitening and freckle. Therefore, papaya helps to whiten the skin and improve the overall skin tone.

Papaya extract

In addition to improving the skin, it also has the following cosmetic effects:

1. Promote digestion

Papaya enzyme can digest and break down fat and protein, and at the same time strengthen gastrointestinal digestion and absorption function. Papaya cellulase can decompose and block the stool, help the digestive system to clear the intestines, has the function of clearing the intestines, and has certain therapeutic effect on constipation. Oh. Papaya contains enzymes similar to human growth hormone, which can keep people young. The proteolytic enzymes contained in papaya help to break down protein and starch, which is beneficial to the digestive system.

2, lose weight and lose weight

Papaya enzyme can not only decompose protein, but also decompose fat. Excrete excess fat in time, which is beneficial to the human body to digest and absorb food. It can make the excess fat accumulated in the body slowly disappear. By breaking down fat, it can achieve weight loss and slimming effect.


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