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The Introduction Of MCT Oil

Sep 23, 2017

The introduction of MCT oil

The MCT oil is through a chemical method to obtain a product, it is widely used in a variety of food preparation and processing. C8 (saturated fatty acids with 8 carbon atoms) and C10 (saturated fatty acids containing 10 carbon atoms) Fatty acids are octanoic acid and sunflower, which are generally considered to be medium chain fatty acids.They are a mixture of saturated triglycerides, it's mainly octanoic acid (C8H16O2).

It's purity is 99%.

coconut oil.jpg

It different form other oil,it has specific character:

1).Excellent oxidation stability;

2).Excellent cooling stability;

3). low-viscosity;

4).Better solubility;

5). Unique metabolic pathways.

Excellent oxidation stability: Better oxidation stability alsohasacharacteristicthatthepolymerization at high temperatures is relatively small, which is critical when these oils are used as a release agent in the bakery industry. Heating at a temperature of 230 ° C for 24 hours, the viscosity of the vegetable oil such as soybean oil and mesa oil is greatly increased, and evenbecomes a brown-colored plastic, but in the same case, the viscosity of the medium chain triglyceride is only The viscosity of vegetable oil at room temperature.

Excellent cooling stability: The melting point of the higher purity of the triglyceride is 30 ° C; the higher the purity of the octanoic acid triglyceride is about 15 ° C; and the melting point of the triglyceride containing the mixture of C8 fatty acid and C10 fatty acid is extremely low, Only minus 15 ℃. These oils can be stored at very low temperatures without worrying about crystallization or heating. This will bring great convenience to the food industry, especially when the oil is sprayed out in the form of liquid, a slight crystallization should clog the nozzle.

Water solubility: The application of the food industry, medium chain triglycerides also have an important feature - their solubility and natural vegetable oil is different. Mediumchaintriglycerides have a relatively long fatty acid chain length, and their hydrophilic properties are particularly high, so it is easy to dissolve into any concentration of alcohol. This feature is often used in the production of spices industry.

It's based on these characteristics,therefore, it is used in food and industry application.

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