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Shea Butter Is Widely Used In Cosmetic

Sep 20, 2017

Shea butter is widely used in cosmetic

Shea butter is extract  from the nut of the African shea tree.It is white or pale yellow butter. There have two specification, refined and unrefined.

Why the Shea butter is  widely used in cosmetic?

Firstly, It is pure natural green plant source of solid oil, can promote epidermal cell regeneration, giving the skin nutrition.The mainly is that Shea butter is close to body sebum secretion of oil and rich in non-saponified ingredients, so the body is easy to absorb. It not only to prevent dry cracking, but also to further restore and maintain the natural elasticity of the skin, with incredible deep Moisturizing effect.

Scondly,it is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, easy to absorb, can strengthen the skin's moisturizing ability, the dry and horny damaged skin can be nourished.

Most important is that Shea butter has a very good deep moisturizing effect, generally made by the majorenterprises for dry, mixed skin use products. Long-term use of shea butter or skin care products containing shea butter, not only to prevent dry cracking, but also to further restore and maintain the natural elasticity of the skin, with a good deep moisturizing effect.

TheCharacteristics of efficacy.Organic Shea butter.jpg

Lightweight, smooth as silk emulsion, is the warm season of another moisturizing choice, the most suitable for preference for emulsion texture or skin without the use of rich formula of the people.

Pure natural vegetable oil, super antioxidant effect, mild without stimulation;

And the body is very close to the indicators of oil secretion. It is rich in non-saponified ingredients that are extremely easy to absorb.

Deep moisture to prevent dry cracking.

In the skin surface to form a protective film, moisturizing, sun protection effect is remarkable.

Apply to sensitive skin, including all kinds of infants, children's skin, mild no stimulation.

Adult use, can keep the skin natural elasticity.

Which kind of cosmetic always use shea butter?

Shea butter is mainly used in the cosmetics industry for skin and hair related products ,such as lip gloss, skin moisturizer creams and emulsions, and hair conditioners for dry and brittle hair). It is also used as soap and body lotion.

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