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Inulin Food Fiber Can Reduce Constipation And Blood Neutral Fat

Jan 01, 2019

The results obtained so far indicate that the continuous intake of inulin is closely related to the inhibition of the rise of blood glucose, and highlight the possibility of improving the digestive tract and liver dysfunction.


In a new perspective to promote intake of inulin effect evaluation, is expected to prevent with habits and customs of various diseases, and the development of new products to provide theoretical support and the basis, using the technique of molecular biology on the enzyme manufacturing method of inulin new features were analyzed, and the future, or can be used in the development to have the effect of new functional food.


Inulin, a polysaccharide made up of d-fructose, is a food fiber that can be broken down by intestinal bacteria. It is abundant in plants such as Jerusalem artichoke and chicory, which can reduce the neutral fat in the blood and eliminate constipation. As an effective ingredient that can improve health, however, large amounts of it may have side effects and cause severe allergic reactions, so full attention must be paid to it.


Inulin exists in Jerusalem artichoke, burdock, Onions, garlic, leeks, chicory and other various foods, which contain a particularly large amount of Jerusalem artichoke and chicory. The representative use of inulin powder is as a food additive. Studies have shown that it has the effect of reducing blood neutral fat (triglyceride), adjusting intestinal environment and eliminating constipation.

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