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Peony Flower

Oct 24, 2017

Peony is a very common flower, not only very beautiful and medicinal value is very high. Peony flowers are generally used for Chinese herbal medicine, has a high medicinal value.

The Effect and Function of Peony Flower

Blood and nourishing effect

Peony flowers with blood Ziyin effect, can make the blood full, face ruddy, the female friends have great benefits.


Yangxue Rougan effect

Peony flowers on the liver have certain benefits, can have vinegar into the liver detoxification, can improve facial chloasma, rough skin aging symptoms.

Scattered Yu stasis function

Peony flowers can also be used to drink tea, can stasis stasis, enough to the body heat detoxification, but also freckle beauty.

Other functions

Peony flowers also have a heat Jieshu, Qingxinfeifei role, is a high medicinal value of Chinese herbal medicines.

Peony flower effect and the role of many, peony flowers can be used to drink tea, can Shengjinzhike, women have a certain cosmetic effect. In addition, peony flowers often used drugs, can treat some of the diseases of the human body, has an important role

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