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Blushwood Berry Extract New Kind Cancer Healing Product

Sep 11, 2017

Blushwood berries are the fruit of the blushwood tree, which is known to grow in only one region of the world: the rainforests of Far North Queensland, Australia.Already the ingredients extract from blushwood berry has been used to successfully destroy or shrink tumours in pets and animals – including dogs, cats and horses and even Tasmanian Devils, while human trials are imminent.


What is blushwood berry and blushwood berry extract?

Blushwood berry is a amazing plant proven to treat 75% of all types of cancer with.thin 25 Days. It is a naturally growing tree known to exist in a small area of the Australian Rainforest. These tropical trees are not found anywhere else on the globe, but grow in abundance near Australia’s northeastern tip.

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In recent years, the chemicals contained in the seed of the Blushwood's fruit have been researched for the potential of rejuvenating properties. While experiments with animals have shown very impressive results, there is still a long way to go before an effective, proven. As a result, the naturally occurring Blushwood tree has seen an increase in demand from Australian locals and farmers who wish to grow and harvest the plant in anticipation of its greater commercial demand in the future. This product contains the extract of the Blushwood seed.


In 2014 news spread about a miracle berry extract called EBC-46, sourced from the Australian rainforest, that has been shown to cure various types of cancers including breast and prostate in humans and animals.


How Blushwood Berries Extract Destroy Cancer Cells Almost Instantly?

Every year billions of dollars spent to find a cure for cancer. But it seems the solution is in nature, not chemo-radiotherapy. EBC-46, a molecule extracted from blushwood berries, would destroy cancerous tumors at an amazing speed in 75% of cases, a recent study from Australia found.

Blushwood berries contain compound that directs the blood flow fromthe infected tissue and thus stimulates the immune system of the organism to actively decompose the tumor and kills the tumor cells.


Tumors were Gone within 48 Hours

When the EBC-46 was injected into the cancerous cells on the subjects, the tumors reacted by turning a dark color, then falling off. The derivative from the blushwood berry is thought to cut off oxygen supply to the cancer cells, allowing for the removal of tumors without the need for surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

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How to use it?

Advanced dosage 4 oz of blushwood berry extract powder per day!

If you have any ailment that require you to use one or more nutrient, this is the product for you, with over 90% absorption rate. This product had the best delivery system, not like powders, capsules, pills, tablets, regular liquid.


Blushwood berry extract is very encouraging and full of hope. If you have cancer or know someone does,please contact us freely. info@prsbiotech.com

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