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How To Develop Innovative Sugar Reduction Products?

Sep 15, 2021

On August 6, the first China Beverage Health Consumption Forum successfully concluded at the China International Trade in Services Fair, which officially released the White Paper on Healthy Chinese Beverage Food Sugar Reduction Action (2021).

The report not only summarizes China's sugar reduction policy, the current situation of consumer sugar, the results of sugar reduction in the beverage industry, but also put forward a forward-looking prediction of the "0 sugar" trend in China's beverage industry. Now the domestic beverage market sugar reduction is popular, Science and Technology Department of the Science and Technology Center also said that for the current stage of beverage enterprises, should grasp the new trend of sugar reduction, regarded health, environmental protection, sustainable development as the goal, accelerate the branding process.

So, in this era of sugar reduction, how can we develop innovative and characteristic products?


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