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Plant Functional Drinks Bring New Opportunities To The Plant Extract Industry

Oct 13, 2017

With the improvement of living standards, people's health needs are reflected in all aspects of life, food and beverage is no longer just ask delicious appetite to quench their thirst, but to have nutrition and function. In the beverage industry, natural herbal plants as raw materials of plant functional drinks, more and more people love.


Functional beverage market has great potential, according to Mintel survey data show that 2014-2019 is expected to its market share will grow 52%. Compared with the developed countries in the world, the per capita consumption of functional drinks in China is only 1/14 of the world's per capita consumption, so the market prospect has great potential.


At present, China's plant functional beverage raw materials mainly concentrated in the well-known several plant ingredients, such as ginseng, honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, wolfberry, walnut, the effect is mainly concentrated in the heat, brain and beauty. At present, with the food and medicine homologous certification, can be added to the food plant extracts up to hundreds of varieties, the function from anti-fatigue to reduce blood pressure to digest, to take care of the needs of people, the need for further development and application But also for the development of plant extracts industry has brought new opportunities.


Then we introduce several magic effects, but the application of the beverage industry is not much plant extracts.


Enhanced immunity: Ganoderma lucidum extract


Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharide and other medicinal ingredients, with enhanced immune anti-cancer and strengthen the role of liver function, is very suitable for adults to take long-term improvement in physical fitness. However, the bitter taste of Ganoderma lucidum is not suitable for regular use. However, in the beverage, by adding package complex agent can completely contain the bitter ingredients of Ganoderma lucidum, to overcome the bitter taste of Ganoderma lucidum.


Stomachache digestion: seabuckthorn extract


For seabuckthorn, most people are still unfamiliar. This is a small berries planted in the west of China, is the world's most natural species containing natural vitamins of precious economic forest species, the vitamin C content is much higher than fresh dates and kiwi fruit, which is known as the treasure of natural vitamins. Seabuckthorn extract extracted from the fruit of seabuckthorn, with cough and phlegm, stomach digestion effect.


Blood Pressure: Bitter Melon Extract


Bitter gourd is a very common kind of healthy vegetables, bitter gourd extract has good blood pressure, blood sugar, blood lipid effect, known as plant insulin. But also rich in vitamins, long-term use of beauty to lose weight is also very helpful.


Although it is very beneficial to the human body, bitter gourd bitterness is the main reason for people to discourage. Therefore, the use of bitter gourd extract made of drinks, but compared to direct consumption easier to accept. There are two kinds of bitter gourd drinks on the market, one is to extract bitter gourd ingredients made of plant fermented drinks, probiotics by fermentation to improve the taste; one is to extract bitter gourd, white fungus made of sugar-free functional drinks.

Bitter Melon Extract.jpg 

Improved sleep: hemp extract


Hemp seed for the Sangke plant cannabis seeds, with Runzaohua Chang, the effectiveness of blood circulation, the well-known health tea brand Baishou village fire linen tea used by the main raw material is wild fungus, long-term consumption of fire linen , Not only for chronic neuritis, constipation, hypertension and diabetes have a significant effect, as well as Yang Xin blood, longevity role.


With the socio-economic development, the domestic plant functional beverage market will have a greater consumer demand and consumption space. Because the business in the publicity too much emphasis on health effects, many consumers have a sense of plant functional drinks have a bad idea that this is a drug rather than a drink, which limits the young market, but in foreign but on the contrary, young talent Is the main consumer of plant functional beverages.


In the future, the development of plant functional drinks in China will be met with more detailed division of the relevant functions, to meet the needs of various groups from young people to the elderly, and to bring more opportunities for China's plantation industry and the whole agricultural industry.


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