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The Function Of Avocado

Oct 20, 2017

Shea fruit helps to increase the serum and eye macula in the content of lutein, play eye health and cognitive health, the main reason is that the butter and fruit contains lutein.

Researchers at the Human Anti-Aging Nutrition Research Center at Tufts University in the United States also said that increased macular pigment density (MPD) contributes to improved memory and problem-solving skills, so avocado also helps prevent older consumers' cognitive function decline. In addition, a number of primates, children, middle-aged and elderly studies have shown that there is an important association between lutein and brain health. Recent studies have shown that 60% of the total carotenoids in pediatric brain tissue are lutein, and the data also show that lutein accounts for only 12% of the carotenoids in the diet, so the brain has a clear choice for lutein Absorbability.

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Dietary supplements with tallow can help improve cognitive function, and this improvement helps to increase MPD, which is a biomarker of lutein content in brain tissue. The underlying mechanism may be related to the fact that lutein contributes to cognitive health and can be used as an antioxidant or antiinflammatory medium. 

However, this study did not show that all subjects had oxidative stress and inflammatory biomarkers that changed. These measures are at the beginning of the study in the normal range, so the antioxidant or anti-inflammatory state of the improvement is difficult to detect. Another potential mechanism may be related to the content of lutein in the nerve tissue, including the function of regulating synaptic transmission properties.

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