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Andrographolide Can Effectively Inhibit The Replication Of Influenza Virus

Jan 08, 2019

Since the beginning of the winter of 2019, the influenza epidemic has come with a menaced force. The number of outpatient, emergency, inpatient and severe patients in many hospitals in China has increased, leading to great pressure on diagnosis and treatment. Not only China, but also places in the northern hemisphere, such as North America and Europe, have witnessed a big increase in the number of influenza cases.


Influenza virus is highly infectious, easy to lead to respiratory tract infection, and the clinical manifestations of rapid onset, rapid spread of serious harm to human health of the most common pathogens. Currently, there is no specific drug to inhibit influenza virus, so it is of great significance to study anti-influenza virus drugs for disease prevention and treatment. In recent years, many scholars at home and abroad have devoted themselves to the research of traditional Chinese medicine against influenza virus, among which andrographolide drugs have attracted increasing attention from the medical community due to their significant pharmacological activity.


Experiments have shown that andrographolide has low cytotoxicity and significant direct inhibition on various influenza virus subtypes, which indicates that andrographolide directly inhibits influenza virus hemagglutinin, blocks virus adsorption, and thus inhibits further virus replication.


Zhang peixian, a pharmacist in charge of wangdingdi hospital in nankai district, tianjin, also believes that andrographis lactoside is an ideal drug for viral infectious diseases because of its wide resources, rapid absorption in animals, long efficacy and high bioavailability, and it has great clinical application value.

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