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Global Trends in Food And Beverage Health For Children

May 25, 2022

Innova market insight the 2022 global insight report on food and beverage health trends for children delves into child products across food and beverage categories and proposes 3 major global health trends for children's food and beverages:

◆Trend 1: " supplementing food " to boost immunity

According to Innova's global new product database, since the COVID-19, the "immunity-enhancing " functionality claim, which has grown dramatically across various classes of children's products, tends to be simultaneously advertised with "probiotics, " " prebiotics, " " added vitamins, " " added minerals, " etc., to be the selling point driving sales.

◆Trend 2: reducing the " bad " component

Children's products are increasingly emphasized for their natural, additive / preservative-free characteristics. Obviously, the parents do not want the children to ingest ingredients that they consider harmful, and this appeal is very strong. Clean labeling will be an important indicator for choosing children's products and is one of the key factors to consider by businesses when developing and marketing children's products.

food and beverage health for children

◆Trend 3: the technology for glucose reduction can be substantial

The danger of excessive sugar intake to child health is well recognized by parents worldwide and is detrimental to developing good dietary habits.

Governments have also taken action to enhance advertising regulation of high glucose-containing child products. The trend of sugar reduction will be deepened further in children's products, and firms need to cope with market changes through raw materials and technological innovations.

For example, the use of natural sweeteners, and natural ingredients, can reduce the sugar content of foods and reduce the extra added sugar. Advanced food processing techniques such as the conversion of sucrose to dietary fiber and reduction of sucrose by ultrafiltration techniques may also be employed.

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