Fucoxanthin Powder

Fucoxanthin Powder

1) Cas No.:3351-86-8
2) Molecular Formula: C42H58O6
3) Specification: 10%,50%
4) Grade: Pharmaceutical Grade
5) Application: Used in the field of health care products
6) Certificate: KOSHER, HALAL, ISO
7) Delivery Time: Around 3 working days
8) Payment Way: TT, Bank Transfer
9) Package: 1kg/bag, 5kg/bag, 25kg/drum

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product description

Fucoxanthin Powder is called fucoxanthin and fucoxanthin, which is a natural pigment in carotenoids. Fucoxanthin is mainly distributed in various algae, marine phytoplankton, aquatic shells and other animals and plants. It is insoluble in water and easily soluble in organic solvents such as ethanol.

Fucoxanthin Powder belongs to a kind of natural carotenoids. It has the effects of weight loss, cholesterol reduction, anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging; it can treat vitamin A deficiency, skin diseases, anti-photosensitivity and other diseases.

product specification

Product Name



Brown yellow powder










Cool Dry Place

Shelf Life

24 months

main functions

1. Anti-tumor effect

(1) Skin cancer

Fucoxanthin Powder can enhance the activity of ornithine decarboxylase, inhibit the activation of the human herpes virus induced by TPA, thereby inhibiting skin tumors induced by TPA.

(2) Colon cancer

Fucoxanthin can effectively inhibit colon cancer cell lines, thereby inducing DNA fragmentation of colon cancer cells and promoting cell apoptosis.

(3) Tumors of the blood system

it can effectively inhibit the proliferation of HL-60 cells.

(4) Prostate cancer

it can induce apoptosis and reduce the survival rate of prostate cancer cells.

(5) Liver cancer

Fucoxanthin can inhibit the growth of human liver cancer cells and inhibit the phosphorylation of Rb protein.

2. Antioxidant effect

it has a better antioxidant effect than vitamin E and vitamin C. Fucoxanthin mainly regulates enzyme activity and the activity of catalase and glutathione in tissues and molecules caused by lack of retinol. .

3. Anti-inflammatory effect

Fucoxanthin has an important anti-inflammatory effect on various inflammations.

4. Lose weight

Fucoxanthin can activate UCP1 protein to promote lipolysis and eliminate fat accumulation. It also stimulates the liver to produce DHA, which lowers cholesterol levels.

5. Other

it has a significant effect on the phagocytosis and ovulation of macrophages.


1. The field of health care products: can be used for weight loss health care products,

2. Food field: It can be applied to food to increase the color and functionality of the product.

3. For egg yolk coloring agent.

4. The field of skin care products: skin care beauty products and health care products are widely used in the market.

5. Pharmaceutical field: used for the treatment of skin cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, liver cancer and other cancers.

extraction process

extraction process1




packaging logistics

suitable weight

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