Beta-Carotene Powder

Beta-Carotene Powder

Cas No. :7235-40-7
Molecular Formula:C40H56
Specification: 1%,5%,10%,20%
Grade : Food grade
Certificate: KOSHER, HALAL, ISO;
Delivery Time: Around 3 working days
Payment Way: TT, Bank Transfer
Package: 1kg/bag, 5kg/bag, 25kg/drum.

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Beta-Carotene Powder is one of the carotenoids, it is the most ubiquitous and most stable natural pigment, orange-yellow fat-soluble compound.

Nutritional ingredients: The molecular structure of β-carotene is equivalent to 2 molecules of vitamin A. After entering the body, it undergoes the action of enzymes in the liver and small intestinal mucosa, 50% of which becomes vitamin A, which has the effect of invigorating the liver and improving the purpose. Treatment of night blindness; Lige wide intestine carrot contains plant fiber, strong water absorption, easy to swell in the intestinal tract, is the "filling substance" in the intestine, can strengthen the peristalsis of the intestine, thereby benefit the diaphragm and wide the intestine, laxative and prevent cancer; Invigorating the spleen and removing chancre Vitamin A is an essential substance for the normal growth and development of bones. Beta-Carotene Powder helps cell proliferation and growth. It is an element of body growth and is of great significance to promote the growth and development of infants and young children. It enhances immune function and converts carotene into vitamin A. It helps to enhance the body's immune function and plays an important role in the prevention of epithelial cell canceration.


Product Name



Orange powder










Cool Dry Place

Shelf Life

24 months


1. Like natural eye drops, it helps maintain the lubricity and transparency of the cornea and promotes eye health.

2. Beta-Carotene Powder is one of the most effective antioxidants against free radicals.

3. Strengthen the immune system and enhance resistance.

4. Prevent cancer, reduce the chances of oral cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, lung cancer, etc.

5. Prevent cataracts and help protect the fiber part of the eye lens.

6. Prevent cardiovascular disease.

7. Converted into vitamin A to help maintain the normalization of the mucosal system of the skin and organs.

8. Enhance the functions of the reproductive system and urinary system, improve sperm motility, and prevent prostate diseases.

9. Improve and strengthen the function of the respiratory system.

10. Anti-aging. Beta carotene can also act as an antioxidant in the body's normal metabolism, helping cells to slow down the aging process.

Insufficient intake of β-carotene can cause symptoms such as night blindness, dry eyes, and myopia; and symptoms such as premature aging, insomnia, general weakness, and dermatitis.

If an excessive amount of carotene-rich food is consumed at one time, because it cannot be converted into vitamin A in time, the excessive carotene will flow into the blood into the circulatory system and bind to epidermal lipophilic protein. Therefore, for people with high blood lipids It is said that carotene will be deposited in the skin, and carotene will accumulate in the fat tissue without time to be metabolized, causing the skin to temporarily turn yellow.


It can be used as food and feed additives; nutritional additives; food coloring (coloring agent); food coloring and color retention agents.

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