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What is the main function of Guarana extract?

Nov 15, 2017

Guarana, also known as Brazil incense cocoa, belonging to Sapindaceae, is widely planted in the Amazon basin of Brazil and is mainly produced in the tropical rainforests of the Americas, especially in the Amazon Plateau and in some areas of Paraguay and Uruguay. At present, the main selling specifications of the plantation industry guarana extract accompany you are 10% and 20%.

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Guarana raw materials introduced:

Guarana is known as a "national drink" in Brazil and has been regarded by thousands of thousands of years as the source of youthful, beautiful, healthy and longevity by the yindian in the Amazon basin. Guarana is rich in xanthine derivatives (alkaloids, caffeine), amino acids, tannic acid, protein, vitamins, minerals, etc., with refreshing, Yin and impotence, appetite control, relieve abdominal pain, recovery Physical strength, energy, improve the effectiveness of the human body.

Caffeine is the main active ingredient in the seeds of guarana. It has the effect of making the body excited and relieving fatigue. The effect of eggplant is relatively mild. The tannic acid in guarana has a convergent effect and can be used for treating diarrhea.


Guarana has also been used in sports foods, used to enhance the athlete's physical and endurance.

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