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Valerian extract: a natural stabilizer

Nov 17, 2017

Valerian is a perennial plant that grows in European wetlands. It has beautiful pink flowers and is highly ornamental. Its roots dry and can be refined as sedatives. It is a natural relaxing substance that works well for many mood disorders, such as irritability, nervousness, insomnia and hysteria. It is also effective in treating stomach spasms.


Valerian extracts have GABA receptors that also act on the brain, which increase their mobility and thus sedative effects of diazepam without any adverse side effects.

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If you want to relax your mind, you need to take valerian extract twice daily, each 50-100 mg. If you want to ensure good sleep, you need to take 100-220 mg before going to bed.


Because valerian can enhance the potency of sedatives, it is best to take under the guidance of a doctor. Valerian  have an interaction with alcohol, some psychiatric drugs and anesthetics, do not take all valerian extract products after drinking.

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