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Does soy extract have the effect of inhibiting the occurrence of breast cancer

Nov 14, 2017

Recently published in Current Developments in Nutrition, researchers at the University of Arizona Cancer Center found that genistein, a dye extracted from soybeans, had the effect of inhibiting breast cancer.


The results show that the dye brass can protect BRCA1 gene stability, while the latter has an important role in the occurrence of breast cancer.


BRCA1 is a kind of tumor suppressor gene, under normal circumstances it can maintain DNA stability, prevent cancer and a series of diseases. When BRAC1 abnormalities, the body's ability to resist cancer will decline. Although a small proportion of breast cancers are caused by BRAC1 mutations, methylation modification still occurs and their activity is affected. The "silence" of the BRAC1 gene causes it to lose its function as a tumor suppressor gene.


Some of the carcinogenic factors in the environment, such as smoke and ultraviolet light, lead to the activation of AhR receptors on the cell surface and further inhibit the activity of BRAC1 gene, which eventually leads to carcinogenesis of cells. However, the compounds found in soybean have the potential of targeting AhR receptor activity blocking effect.


Experiments at the current cellular level have been successful and researchers are using live mouse models of breast cancer to conduct in vivo studies and if the results are in line with expectations, they will push further into clinical trials

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