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What does lutein do to your body?

Sep 04, 2020

In normal work and study, no matter how busy you are, you should also pay attention to a balanced diet. Through your daily diet, you can supplement a lot of natural vitamins, such as carotol, lutein, and chlorophyll. But for patients with severely picky eaters and anorexia, you can try to use lutein to supplement these essential nutrient elements to promote the increase of the body's blood lipoprotein density, so that the body's resistance will be enhanced. What are the main effects and functions ?

The use of it can help the body's gastrointestinal absorption, digestion and decomposition, so that it will not cause particularly serious obesity and physical stress. Moreover, the harmful effect on the body is very small. Everyone can protect the retina and play an anti-oxidant effect through the intake it. Many fresh vegetables contain it, but everyone is picky and anorexia. Under the circumstances, it is necessary to use lutein tablets after the diet to improve the body’s immunity.


The taste is a bit sour, but in order to strengthen your body's resistance, you still have to take some in stages. it is not an unfamiliar term in people’s daily life. Many families may use it. Through the use, your eyesight will be significantly improved, but everyone still needs it in daily life. Pay attention to the time of eye use and eye protection.

Regarding the main effects and functions, lutein can secrete some esterases, which will promote the decomposition and repair of bile. It will not cause strong pain in the stomach, or abdominal pain and diarrhea.

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