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What are anthocyanins made of?

Aug 26, 2020

Anthocyanosides is a class of flavonoid compounds that combine anthocyanins with glycoside bonds , which are widely found in the cell fluids of plant flowers, fruits, stem leaves and root organs, they are one of the most common and important water-soluble pigments in nature. Anthocyanidins are commonly referred to as it without sugar bases. They can change color with the pH of the cell sap/solution. The color is reddish when it is acidic, and blue when it is alkaline. Plants show a lavender color, mainly due to it.


Anthocyanins occur naturally in many foods. it can be found in red wine, certain grains, certain leafy vegetables and root vegetables (such as eggplant, cabbage, beans, onions, and radishes), but they are most abundant in dark fruits. Bilberry fruit, which is listed as one of the five health foods for humans by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, is rich. they are very beneficial to human health. They have a variety of biological activities, such as antioxidant capacity and scavenging free radicals, improving capillary nutrient supply, anti-inflammatory and antiviral effects, delaying cranial nerve aging, and enhancing heart function and Unique anti-cancer effects, etc.

Although it is difficult to accurately calculate the daily exposure, there have been many studies that have estimated the anthocyanin intake of people in Europe, the United States, Australia and Japan. In the latest European population study, the average intake of total was 19.83 mg to 64.88 mg per day (standard error 1.86). However, the intake in the US, Australia, and Japan was even lower, with the US at 3.1 mg per day and Australia It is 2.9 mg per day and 11.3 mg per day in Japan. The content of anthocyanins in the fresh fruit of European bilberry is about 300-700mg per 100g. At the same time, its content fluctuates greatly due to the influence of growth environment, climatic conditions and fruit maturity.

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