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What are the side effects of lutein?

Sep 11, 2020

Natural lutein is an excellent antioxidant that protects against cellular and organ damage caused by free base in the human body, thus preventing cardiovascular hardening, coronary heart disease and tumor disease caused by aging of the body. Based on the pharmacological effect, people have developed a variety of related products. As the saying goes, it's a little poison, even some health care products. So, what are the side effects ?

In fact, as a natural plant extract, it basically has no toxic side effects, and consumers can use it with confidence. And through research, people have discovered a variety of pharmacological effects:

1.The main pigment components of the retina: Lutein and zeaxanthin constitute the main components of plant pigments such as vegetables, fruits, flowers, etc., which are also the main pigments in the macular region of the human eye. Human eyes contain high levels of it. the element cannot be produced by the human body. It must be supplemented by the intake of it. If it lacks the element, the eyes will become blind.

2.Protect eyes from light damage, delay eye aging and prevent pathological changes: The ultraviolet and blue light in the sun will generate a lot of free radicals when entering the eyes, causing cataracts, degeneration of the macular area, and even cancer. Ultraviolet rays can generally be filtered out by the cornea and lens, but blue light can penetrate the eyeball directly to the retina and macula, it can filter blue light to prevent blue light from damaging the eyes. The outer layer of fat in the macula is particularly vulnerable to oxidative damage from sunlight, so this area is extremely prone to degradation.


3.Antioxidant helps prevent cardiovascular sclerosis, coronary heart disease and tumor diseases caused by body aging.

Protect eyesight: Lutein acts as an antioxidant and photoprotective effect, it can promote the regeneration of rhodopsin (Rhodopsin) in retinal cells, which can prevent severe myopia and retinal detachment, it can improve vision and protect eyesight. Especially suitable for students, drivers and others.

4.Adolescents in the stage of eyeball development coincide with the heaviest period of school work. The "light" damage caused by insufficient or excessive consumption of it is the basic cause of the incidence of myopia and amblyopia close to 60%. Supplementing its molecule is equivalent to adding a pair of "natural sunglasses" in the body, which will restore the normal vision of most young people with pseudomyopia and amblyopia.

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