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How to choose lutein products that you are satisfied with?

Sep 18, 2020

lutein is a natural substance widely found in vegetables, flowers, fruits and other plants, belonging to the "carotenoid" family substances. Medical experiments have proved that the natural flavonin contained in plants is an excellent antioxidant, adding a certain amount of flavonin to food can prevent cell aging and organ aging, but also to prevent vision loss and blindness caused by the degeneration of retinal macular degeneration of the elderly eyeballs. The aging population is driving this growing demand, with more and more brands on the market, but it's hard for consumers to pick. How to choose the products that you are satisfied with?


Through a series of medical studies, carotenoids have been recommended as cancer prevention agents, life extension agents, ulcer inhibitors, heart attacks and coronary artery disease resistors. At the same time, lutein can also be used as a feed additive for the coloring of poultry meat and eggs, and it has also been used as a coloring and nutritional health agent in the food industry. Therefore, not only in human medicine, it is also used in many fields, so a few points should be paid attention to when selecting.

◆The first is the quality of lutein, At present, humans have found that its more significant role is to protect vision, prevention of various eye diseases. After a period of use, the feeling of eye discomfort does not go away, which proves that the drug is ineffective, later in the purchase process ,we need to pay attention to.

◆The second is price, When consumers buy goods, in addition to quality, they are most concerned about whether the price is within their expectations, but the lutein currently on the market is sold relatively cheaply, with an average price of 50-100 yuan. Most are affordable.

◆Finally, the brand. The quality of products produced by some old brand manufacturers is definitely not bad. And its long-standing image in the minds of consumers, It will play an excellent role in promoting its new products later.

Based on the above three points, I believe it is not difficult to choose a lutein product that suits your wishes.

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