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Pharmacological effects of resveratrol powder you buy

Sep 29, 2021

Resveratrol powder is a natural antioxidant that reduces blood viscosity, inhibits platelet clotting and vascular diasphysia, keeps blood flowing, prevents cancer, it has anti-atherosclerosis and prevents coronary heart disease, ischemic heart disease, high blood lipid. It inhibits tumors and also has estrogen-like effects that can be used to treat diseases such as breast cancer.

In the 1990s, Chinese scientists continued to study resveratrol powder and reveal its pharmacological effects: Inhibits abnormal coagulation of platelets, prevents myocardial congestion, cerebral embolism, with a protective effect on hypoxic heart. For obese people, it can play a control and weight loss role, It effectively recovers from a drop in heart output caused by burns or hemorrhage shock and can dilate arterial blood vessels and improve microcirculation. At the same time, China Biotechnology Co., Ltd. research resveratrol extraction and industrial production, has begun to take shape.

Pharmacological effects of resveratrol powder you buy

Resveratrol was listed as one of the "100 Most Popular Effective Anti-Aging Substances" when Al Minder wrote "Anti-Aging Holy Book" in 1998. Professor Mao Wenyue, a researcher at the Peanut Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and a well-known national medical expert, said that the research and development of resveratrol in peanuts will be one of the most important nutritional issues in the 21st century. So far, NASA has designated peanuts as aerospace food, eating peanut products can alleviate cardiovascular disease, reduce blood lipids, delay aging. Resveratrol powder health food will become the new fashion of nutritional health in the 21st century.

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