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Is pure melatonin powder actually bad for you?

Oct 11, 2021

Many different products contain pure melatonin powder on the market. user has to fear different dosages and formulation compositions for their safety and effectiveness. There have also been recent rumors that long-term melatonin use can also be addictive and affect fertility, making many people who are already anxious about sleep even more.

Take it easy, it isn't scary.

Is pure melatonin powder actually bad for you

1. Rumour: Melatonin is addictive if you eat too much.

TRUTH: Don't worry too much.

Whether something is addictive or not has several signature features: withdrawal or dependence symptoms after discontinuation; Larger doses are required to maintain the same effect as before as the use time increases.

From current use, pure melatonin powder does not cause withdrawal symptoms, without drug tolerance, it is unlikely to become addictive. Instead, there are studies showing potential for the management and treatment of melatonin and its analogs.

2. Rumour: Melatonin affects fertility;

TRUTH: Don't worry too much.

It is rumored that taking large amounts of melatonin causes hypothermia, releasing too many lactating hormones that affect fertility.

Studies using melatonin for up to 4 years have shown no significant adverse reactions in a variety of pediatric populations. its potential side effect is inhibiting the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis(which causes precocious sex), which has not been confirmed in current studies.

However, it's best not to use it during lactation and pregnancy.

Melatonin is addictive if you eat too much

3. Rumour: Melatonin should not be added for a long time;

TRUTH: No serious side effects have been found so far, don't worry too much.

Since its preparations are not a "regulated agent" in most countries, they are often used over a long time, so even so, there are no reports involved serious side effects.

The above so-called "harm" is too exaggerated, we do not have to worry too much, let alone in the "eat or not eat" trouble to open their eyes to the dawn.

But it doesn't mean pure melatonin powder is free to use. High doses do cause adverse reactions such as headaches, blurred consciousness, and sleep fragmentation. Many people who take it may have had such feelings, faint, sleep quality is not particularly good. Rather than worrying about the dangers, you should be more concerned about whether "taking" is suitable for you.

Although melatonin is important for sleep regulation, even now, it is still not a drug, just a health supplement, which is classified as a "dietary supplement" in the United States.

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