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Nutritional effect of Lucuma powder

Oct 22, 2019

Everyone may not be very familiar with Lucuma, but everyone should have seen it before eating egg yolk. The Lucuma is actually the "yolk" in the fruit. The Lucuma has very rich nutritional value and efficacy like egg yolk, then What are the nutritional effects of Lucuma? Let's take a look!


The Lucuma is rich in nutrients. Such as, phosphorus, iron, calcium, vitamin C, carotenoids and 17 kinds of amino acids. They are necessary for the human body. Lucuma has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, promoting blood circulation and strengthening body, lowering blood fat and lowering blood pressure, nourishing yin and tonifying kidney, refreshing and waking up, eliminating fatigue, detoxifying and nourishing, and enhancing immunity. Let’s look at how many effects does Lucuma have?

Detox beauty

The Lucuma is rich in a variety of amino acids required by the human body and rich in trace elements such as calcium and iron. If it is eaten regularly, it will supplement the body with certain nutrients, and it can also help the body toxins and avoid harmful substances to perfect skin.


Beneficial gastrointestinal

The super fiber in the Lucuma can protect stomach against harmful substances, and can reduce the harmful microorganisms to multiply in the digestive tract and improve the nutrient absorption of the intestine.


Shape the body

In the process of eating, the Lucuma can also make people feel full to reduce the amount of calorie. It can also absorb organic molecules such as cholesterol and reduce the body's fat absorption, so it can help people improve the structure of nutrient absorption and shape a good body.


Edible efficacy

The fruit of the Lucuma has a great effect on the use. It can be jams and food additives to make flavors and making into beverages.


Other effect

The various amino acids in the fruit can be used to refresh the brain, tonify the kidney and promote blood circulation, and stop phlegm.

effects of Lucuma

How to eat Lucuma?

The Lucuma is a tropical fruit. The fruit of the yoghurt begins to mature in December. It has an oval or ovate shape with a long tip. The outer rind of the yolk is orange-yellow and the skin is smooth. The rind of the Lucuma. It is orange-yellow, with powdery structure, soft and lacks moisture, very similar to cooked egg yolk, slightly sweet.

Generally, Lucuma can put about one week after bought back at room temperature. And the fruit is lightly squeezed by hand. It feels that the whole fruit is soft and can be eaten (when it is not soft, it tastes very awkward and cannot be eaten). Although there is no scent, the flesh is sweet and soft, and it is similar to the taste of mango, yellow meat and cooked egg yolk. In addition to raw food, the fruit can be made into jam, ice cream, drink or fruit wine.

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