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Do you know the types of TongkatAli?

Oct 16, 2019

Tongkat Ali, which grows in the moist sandy soil in the pristine rainforest near Southeast Asia near the equator, is a wild shrub with many functions. It is also known as the three national treasures of Malaysia together with bird's nest and tin. And it has other names: natural aphrodisiac, earth warrior, king of forest, medicine for treating diseases, etc. Today we will talk about the types of TongkatAli: black Tongkat Ali and yellow Tongkat Ali.

Researchers at the University of Tokyo Medical School in Japan isolated anticancer substances from Tongkat Ali. They have experimentally proved that the beta-carboline substance extracted from it has a powerful therapeutic effect on lung cancer and breast cancer.

The yellow Tongkat Ali is all picked from the virgin forests of the Sarawak region of Borneo. Seventy percent of the land area in Sarawak is covered by virgin forests. The rainforest is developed to a lesser extent and the original ecological protection is better. The original roots of Tongkat Ali, picked from Borneo Sarawak. Tongkat Ali. is pale yellow and the color of Malaysian Tongkat Ali. The Tongkat Ali bark is dark gray or brown, and the roots of the roots are smoother yellow.


Black Tongkat Ali: Heididong Ali is also known as Wild Mountain Black King Kong and Heigen Emperor Tongkat Ali. It is called wild ginseng by Malay indigenous people and is an aphrodisiac health medicine that indigenous people love. The main root is evenly slender and has a large number of slender roots. The epidermis is black like charcoal. The fiber content is very high. The inner part of the bark is white with obvious annual ring performance. Ali is hard to find, and the output is scarce and precious.


There are some differences between yellow Tongkat Ali and black Tongkat Ali.

Yellow Tongkat Ali is more common. If you don't mind the bitter taste of Huangdong leather, insisting on taking Huangdong leather will have obvious effects, especially when men do feel the changes in physical fitness (such as the size and time of gradual improvement). Huang Dongge Ali has a very good performance in lowering blood sugar, blood pressure and blood lipids.

Black Tongkat Ali, also known as Black King Kong, is the best choice to supplement male energy. The reason why it is named Heidongge Ali is because the bark is dark brown, the slice is not black but gray, and the root of the black dongge is relatively strong, so the diameter of the black tong section is generally domineering. I feel a distinct fishy smell.

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