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Lactobionic acid the lowest price at Prius?

Aug 25, 2022

Lactobionic acid is used in costmestic products, it can whitening and moisturizing。

Xian prius product Lactobionic acid by our own factory with big scale, it has stable stock , quality can be assurance, and has the best price. 

Lactobionic acid

What is Lactobionic acid?

Lactobionic acid  is white crystalline powder, cas is 96-82-2,purity is 98%.

Lactobionic acid refers to the acid generated by the replacement of the terminal hydroxyl group on lactose by a carboxyl group. The structure of lactobionic acid has eight groups of hydroxyl groups, which can hold a large number of water molecules.

Lactobionic acid, as the most advanced third-generation fruit acid, gets rid of the strong irritation of the first-generation fruit acid, and upgrades the cleaning power of the second-generation fruit acid to pores. No matter in the effect of shrinking pores or mildness, lactobionic acid has the best expressive power.

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