98% Lactobionic Acid Powder

98% Lactobionic Acid Powder

1) 98% purity
2) white crystalline powder
3) 5000kg in stock
4) The lowest pirce
6) Free sample

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Product introduction of Lactobionic Acid  

Lactobionic Acid powder is made by xian prius biological engineering company, with the lowest price and enough stock. there is two form of Lactobionic Acid powder , one is white powder, another one is white crystalline powder. 

Purity can be more than 98%.  COA and free sample avalibale. Lactobionic Acid made by chemical synthesis. we have our own facotory, can make sure the quality and quantity. 

Lactobionic acid is also a kind of fruit acid, and it is an upgraded version of fruit acid!

Lactobionic acid refers to the acid generated by the replacement of the terminal hydroxyl group on lactose by a carboxyl group. The structure of lactobionic acid has eight groups of hydroxyl groups, which can hold a large number of water molecules.

Lactobionic acid, as the most advanced third-generation fruit acid, does not have the strong irritation of the first-generation fruit acid. Compared with the second-generation fruit acid, it has improved pore cleaning power. Therefore, regardless of the effect of shrinking pores or mildness, lactobionic acid has the best performance among the fruit acids of all ages.

Specification of  Lactobionic Acid  

Product Name

Lactobionic Acid powder






White powder or white crystalline powder

Molecular Formula





Feed Processing and Preservation Agent

Transport Package

Aluminum Foil Package



 Function of Lactobionic Acid 

1. Moisturize

Because of the special chemical structure of lactobionic acid, it comes with eight groups of hydroxyl groups that strongly absorb water. .

2. Antioxidant and anti-aging

The powerful antioxidant of lactobionic acid can chelate ferric ions and protect the integrity of cell membranes from oxidative damage.

It also chelates zinc ions, thereby inhibiting matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs), thus protecting collagen and preventing wrinkles.

It can also grab zinc ions and prevent them from deactivating the nemesis of collagen - matrix metalloproteinase MMP, which can protect collagen and reduce wrinkles.

3. Whitening

Lactobionic acid has a lot of effects, it can also play a certain role in tyrosinase. The formation of melanin is that copper ions activate tyrosinase, turning it into melanin.

And if there is lactobionic acid, it will grab copper ions one step ahead, so that tyrosinase will continue to "sleep", unable to produce melanin, thus playing a whitening role.

4. Exfoliate aging dead skin cells and brighten skin


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