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Glutathione powder empowered oral beauty market

Jun 22, 2022

Whitening ingredients_Glutathione powder

How to evaluate a person's skin is good or bad can be described with 2 idioms: beautiful pink-and-white, skin is very good, and full of water. beautiful pink-and-white is to inhibit the formation of melanin, reduce melanin deposition, and accelerate the metabolism of melanin. full of water to promote the synthesis of collagen and supplement the moisture in the stratum corneum.

Skin melanin is converted from tyrosine in the human body to DOPA under the action of tyrosinase. DOPA is formed through complex physiological and chemical changes in the body. In order to reduce the formation of black, it is necessary to inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, which has copper-containing active sites. This copper-containing site can be bound by glutathione, resulting in the loss of tyrosinase activity.

Glutathione powder can also promote tyrosine to change from the direction of synthesizing eumelanin to light yellow-brown melanin, thus reducing the appearance of darkness. In addition, the unique mirror base of glutathione has strong antioxidant activity, which can remove ROS produced by epidermal cells after ultraviolet irradiation and reduce the formation of melanin induced by ROS.

Glutathione powder empowered oral beauty market

Glutathione is a tripeptide containing sulfhydryl group, its structure is glutamic acid cysteine glycine. Its main function in oral beauty is to reduce melanin formation and whiten skin. In addition, glutathione has the functions of protecting the liver, protecting the liver, and detoxifying.

Glutathione powder: research evidence

Two kinds of glutathione yeast extracts were used in zebrafish to observe the effect of glutathione on melanin formation. It was found that the tyrosinase of zebrafish was inhibited by glutathione yeast, and the inhibition rate was up to 19%. Meanwhile, glutathione could reduce the formation of melanin in zebrafish by 89%.

In the study of 30 women aged 20-40 taking glutathione yeast extract orally, it was found that after taking 50mg glutathione every day, the skin moisturizing effect, erythema recovery rate, and skin brightness showed positive changes, and the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation were much less than those of those who did not take glutathione.

Production Introduction

3 questions about Glutathione powder

◆Q: is glutathione a drug that can also be used in food?

A: Glutathione can not be added to food as a drug raw material, but our glutathione yeast extract is a food standard and is added to food as a wake-up mother extract. Therefore, it should be marked as yeast extract in the ingredient list, and the content of glutathione can be declared during publicity.

Glutathione powder

◆Q: what dosage forms can glutathione yeast extract be applied to? How stable is it?

A: glutathione yeast extract can be used in powder, liquid, tablet, soft candy, and other forms. The stability of the solid dosage form is better than that of the liquid dosage form. Glutathione yeast extract has good solubility in water, a fast dissolution rate, and a clear and transparent dissolution night. Vitamin C and other food antioxidants can be properly added to the liquid dosage form to reduce the loss of glutathione during storage.

Q: Does glutathione yeast extract have a peculiar smell? How to solve the odor problem?

A: the odor of glutathione yeast extract mainly comes from 2 aspects. On the one hand, It is the taste of glutathione itself, which is difficult to remove, On the other hand, it is the taste of yeast. During application, fruit juice can be used for mixing, and essence with an active and cool feeling can more effectively reduce the discomfort caused by odor.

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